Carol Salvatierra

Carol Salvatierra 2017-05-03T01:12:30+00:00

What made you want to begin a career in Law Enforcement?

Very simply, I wanted to take criminals to jail.

Why should a woman candidate choose the Santa Ana Police Department?

The City of Santa Ana is an exciting place to work. The Department is a diversified, motivated, and challenging police force. Santa Ana Police Department maintains high expectations of its officers, making it a very professional department.

What would you consider your greatest professional accomplishment or most memorable experience while working for the Santa Ana Police Department?

I have two, working in the Major Narcotics Unit and being promoted to Sergeant.

What advice would you give a woman considering joining the Santa Ana Police Department?

Working as a police officer brings on a range of emotions. It can leave you feeling satisfied, rewarded, and fulfilled, all in the same shift. You should be mentally and physically prepared for the job and get ready to have fun.

Sergeant Carol Salvatierra