Women in Law Enforcement at SAPD

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Women are Critical to Our Mission of Service

The Santa Ana Police Department is actively recruiting qualified women to become police officers.  We currently have over 50 sworn police officer vacancies.  The perception that law enforcement is a predominantly male profession could not be further from the truth.  The diversity women bring to the profession of law enforcement is critical to our mission of service to the community as well as protection of life and property.

Successful candidates will possess excellent communication skills, problem solving and conflict resolution ability.  A police officer must have a strong work ethic, be organized and have high moral character. If you possess these traits and skills, becoming a Santa Ana police officer will be a rewarding career for you.

To learn more from a female Santa Ana police officer, simply fill out the short form below.  You will receive a call back from a mentor who will be able to discuss the rewarding career of law enforcement at the Santa Ana Police Department and the steps involved in the hiring process.

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